Sunday, October 16, 2016

You Know the Voice(s): Paul Winchell & Pat Harrington, Jr. (1973)

The nights are getting colder this time of year, and with Halloween 2 weeks away, that would be appropriate, don't you think? Of course.

We have a 2-for-1 special in our You Know The Voice category this time, and probably the only time that Paul Winchell and Pat Harrington (who'd dropped the Jr. by this point) shared the screen together. This one is from the short-lived NBC series, Circle of Fear (formerly Ghost Story), and was first broadcast in March 1973.

In "The Ghost of Potter's Field", Paul plays a building manager who has a run-in with who he thinks is one of his tenants (Tab Hunter). Winchell was no stranger to drama, having acted on shows as diverse as The Virginian, Saints & Sinners, and 77 Sunset Strip during the course of his career. Paul shows up around the 22 minute mark, and Harrington appears at the 33 minute mark or so. The ensemble also includes William Boyett (Adam-12), Robert Mandan (later of Soap), and Gary Conway (ex-Land of the Giants, Burke's Law).

All that's missing, because the particular vocal track has been long since deleted, is announcer Casey Kasem, who was heard at the beginning of the show.

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