Thursday, October 6, 2016

Animated World of DC Comics: The Super Friends Meet Frankenstein (1979)

I had this up earlier this year, then took it down in a panic when Dailymotion got wonky for a spell. Now, it's back, this time to stay.

As we've talked about before the World's Greatest Super Friends season was mostly loose adaptations, if you could call it that at least, of literary tales most of us would be familiar with, such as Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

Now, in the then-present of 1979, Superman, Batman, & Wonder Woman investigate when a modern-day Monster terrorizes the countryside at the behest of a descendant of Dr. Victor Frankenstein. But when the iconic heroes are captured, it's up to Robin (Casey Kasem) to make a daring rescue. Gleek has the same idea, improvising a small plane to follow through stormy weather. Where were the Wonder Twins for this one, anyway?

Easily one of the better episodes of the season. Considering that only 8 were produced per year from 1979-85, that says a lot.

Rating: A.


Goldstar said...

"Where were the Wonder Twins for this one anyway"

In an early scene in the episode, it was mentioned that the Twins were visiting Atlantis with Aquaman, hence their absence from this episode. why they didn't take Gleek with them was never explained.

hobbyfan said...

Ah, yes, I forgot. That's what I get for having to repost this. Gleek was used as comedy relief in this story, as per normal, but in a better way than usual. Thanks.