Friday, October 7, 2016

Spooktober: Who Believes in Ghosts? (The Brady Kids, 1973)

From season 2 of The Brady Kids comes today's Spooktober entry.

The siblings decide to refurbish a house belonging to a long-dead military man, but two crooks are hiding out, and, suspicious that the Bradys could find their loot, try to scare them out.

Here's "Who Believes in Ghosts?".

Lane Scheimer, Lou's son, took over for Barry Williams as Greg, and, well, Williams and some of the others leaving took the starch right out of the show. Scheimer comes off as flatter than a stack of copy paper. And that's being kind.

Rating: B--.


rnigma said...

Also in season 2 (only 5 episodes), Lane's sister Erika took over as Marcia, and some other kid replaced Chris Knight as Peter.

hobbyfan said...

That has been noted previously, thank you. At least with just 5 season 2 episodes, that minimalized the damage.