Monday, October 10, 2016

Spooktober: Darkstalkers (1995)

Darkstalkers was based on a series of video games made by the folks at Capcom. Graz Entertainment acquired a license to do a weekly animated series, which lasted just 13 weeks. As memory serves, the series aired in Boston on WSBK, but I don't recall any stations in New York carrying the show.

If you've wondered why no one has brought this show back, it might be because it's locked in Capcom's vaults.

I didn't watch much of the show when it first came out, so there won't be a rating. For now, here's the series opener, "Out of the Shadows":

I think I get why it failed. Do you?


Silverstar said...

Not to be confused with the "Darkstalkers" anime OVA of the same name.

I only caught 1 or 2 episodes of "Darkstalkers"; the local station in my area which carried it aired the series at an insanely early time in the morning.

One new character appeared in this series who had no equivalent in the games: Harry Grimore (not Potter); a young boy wizard who was the descendant of Harry Houdini. Like most 90's kids in fiction, Harry had off-screen parents who seemed to be OK with their underage son traversing the world with a catwoman in search of dangerous creatures of the night.

hobbyfan said...

IIRC, WSBK ran Darkstalkers at 7 am, which to me was too early, but due to the Disney Afternoon, there was no other place to go, and it seems they weren't interested in running this show on a Saturday.

rnigma said...

I think it ran as part of Bohbot's "Amazin' Adventures" package, which, if I recall, also included "Street Sharks."

hobbyfan said...

As memory serves, that was not the case.