Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Stunt Dawgs (1992)

Seems that Fox had doubled down on dumb ideas during the 1992-3 season.

It wasn't enough that snagging real-life comedy "stuntman" Super Dave Osborne for a Saturday morning cartoon. Oh, no. Fox also picked up a 2nd animated series involving stunt people, and it also bombed.

Stunt Dawgs counts Jeff Franklin (Full House) as one of its creators, but I'll bet you never knew that, judging from this show. How Franklin was unable to sell this series to ABC, home of Full House remains a mystery, but then again, maybe the programmers there knew something that Fox didn't.

In short, the world just wasn't ready for an animated series about stuntmen, and Fox failed twice in the same season.

Scope out the series opener, "Endangered Species":

No rating.


Silverstar said...

"Stunt Dawgs" was loosely inspired by the Burt Reynolds film "Hooper", which itself was loosely based on real-life Hollywood stuntman Hal Needham, whom the leader of the Stunt Dawgs was named after. The series featured some notable Canadian voice talent: John Stocker (Mr. beastly from The Care Bears Family and Toad from the Super Mario Bros. cartoons), Harvey Atkin (King Koopa from the aforementioned Mario series and Sam from Nalvana's Sam & Max series) and Lenore Zann (Rogue from Fox's X-Men and Aisha from the US dub of Outlaw Star).

hobbyfan said...

"Hooper" was on video, I think, by the time "Stunt Dawgs" hit the air. Hal Needham was a well respected stuntman in Hollywood, and I can think of one other show that might've been influenced by him, that being Lee Majors' "The Fall Guy" in the 80's.