Sunday, October 9, 2016

Looney TV: Hippety Hopper (1949)

How can anyone confuse a baby kangaroo from Australia with a tiny American mouse?

It became a running joke in the course of 16 Hippety Hopper cartoons, produced between 1948-64. Hippety never had a short all to himself, although this next item bears his name. In it, a Brooklyn mouse, contemplating suicide, is saved by Hippety, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the rodent also mistakes Hippety for one of his kin. I guess it's because they have the same skin color. Anyway, inevitably, the mouse takes Hippety home with him to confront Sylvester. You can guess the rest.

Hippety never spoke---he was a baby, after all---so everyone else had to carry the action for him. Some folks must wonder why Sylvester drew the short straw to get embarrassed by Hippety every time.

Rating: A.


Silverstar said...

Easily one of my least favorite Looney Tunes series. The premise is too absurd, even by cartoon logic, plus it was the same thing every time.

hobbyfan said...

A one trick pony, yes, but apparently WB was in need of new stars even at the end of the 40's. Poor Sylvester. He deserved better.