Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Funnies: Funniest Pets & People (2006)

Nearly 10 months after it began airing as a digital subchannel for the local Fox affiliate here, Laff TV debuts on Time Warner Cable systems in the  home district. Among the entries on the schedule is a cable series that first aired 10 years ago.

Funniest Pets & People has been lurking around since it launched in 2006. Executive Producer Brad Lachman might be better known for the 80's variety series, Solid Gold, than for this 2 year America's Funniest Home Videos wanna-be. Voice actor Rob Paulsen is the host-narrator.

Funniest Pets airs on Laff in the pre-dawn hours every day just about. Truth is, it's worth recording when you need a laugh on a bad day.

Rating: A.

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