Friday, July 20, 2018

Animated World of DC Comics: A complete episode of Batman (1968)

From The Batman-Superman Hour comes a complete half-hour of the Dark Knight (Olan Soule) and Robin (Casey Kasem).

First up, "Bubi, Bubi, Who's Got The Ruby", all about a jewel heist. After that, Joker (Larry Storch) creates a mock statue inserting himself in between the Dynamic Duo in "Opera Buffa".

Rating: A.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Toonformercial: Betty Boop shills and sings for Formula 409 (1960's)

I think this may have come and gone before I was even born.

Betty Boop made her small screen debut in an ad campaign for Formula 409, a brand of kitchen cleaners still marketed today (Clorox currently owns the rights to the product.). From what we can gather it is not Mae Questel as Betty in this Fleischer-inspired piece.

Like, who knew?

Daytime Heroes: He-Man in The Littlest Giant (1984)

Heroes come in all sizes. Squinch (John Erwin in a bonus role) finds this out in this He-Man adventure from season 2 of the original series. Squinch and the Widgets had been introduced in an earlier story, and, in "The Littlest Giant", Squinch sets out to prove his worthiness as a hero when his own naivete gets He-Man & Battlecat trapped in Snake Mountain.

Rating: B.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Literary Toons: Dragon's Blood (1985)

From CBS Storybreak:

Jane Yolen's 1982 fantasy novel, Dragon's Blood, the first of the Pit Dragon Chronicles, was adapted for television by Hanna-Barbera's Australian division. Scope.

The closing credits, and Bob Keeshan's end-of-show message, were edited off. There have been three sequels in the series, the last published in 2009, 22 years after the third book.

Rating: B.

Toonformercial: Snap, Crackle, & Pop sing for their breakfast (1960's)

Rice Krispies' long-running mascots, Snap, Crackle, & Pop, introduced a new jingle for the Kellogg's cereal sometime around 1966 or so. Don't have the exact year of this ad. Don't know who's doing the singing, either.

Man, dig that swingin' sound! I'm not sure if Hanna-Barbera had anything to do with this ad, since Daws Butler & Don Messick, joined by Paul Winchell, were the original voices of the three elves.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Toon Sports: Ten Pin Alley (Huckleberry Hound, 1959)

Huckleberry Hound takes up bowling in the season 2 premiere, "Ten Pin Alley". Powerful Pierre, a recurring villain introduced in season 1, is presented as a bowling champion, with Huck challenging him for the title. Predictable dirty trick gags abound, and one must think they revisited this concept with Tom & Jerry sixteen years later.

Huck has been retooled by DC Comics. Mark Russell wrote Huck as Snagglepuss' partner in the recent miniseries, but killed off that version of Huck. A new version will star in his own 1-shot special on Halloween, teaming with Green Lantern John Stewart in a story set in the early 70's.

No rating. Just tossed this up for kicks.

Saturtainment: Snagglepuss in Major Operation (1960)

Heavens to Murgatroyd! Here's Snagglepuss' first short, "Major Operation". Seems Major Minor (Don Messick) may have to leave the Adventurers Club if he doesn't bag Snag (Daws Butler)......

Back then, no one thought of this much, but after his recent DC Comics miniseries, Snag has officially been reclassified as gay, as the final issue of Mark Russell's tome links it with Snag's first appearance (as Snaggletooth) on Quick Draw McGraw. The trade paperback should be out soon, if it isn't already.

"Major Operation" set the tone for the series. Rating: B.