Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Celebrity Toons: The French Correction (Fonz & The Happy Days Gang, 1981)

From season 2 of Fonz & The Happy Days Gang:

The gang's in 17th century France, where Richie, Ralph, Fonzie, & Mr. Cool pose as Musketeers. Enough said. Here's "The French Correction", a play on "The French Connection", of course.

Rating: B.

Getting Schooled: Captain Lou warns against drugs (1989)

Captain Lou Albano, in partial costume as Mario from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, has a harsh warning for anyone interested in drugs. This goes beyond just saying no.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Summertainment: Baby Huey in Beach Blanket Baby (1994)

This Baby Huey entry sells itself.

Huey and his pop spend a day at the beach, and Huey ends up making friends with the humans. Here's "Beach Blanket Baby":

As silly as it seems. It also reminds me of a Magilla Gorilla short 30 years earlier. Not sure if the show's musical mavens covered the Surfaris' "Wipeout", or they used the original.

Rating: B.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Getting Schooled: Fat Albert in Heads or Tails (1980-4)

Fat Albert tries to warn Weird Harold and the gang about gambling.

Harold gets the gambling fever, and of course falls prey to a scammer by acting as a runner for the bookie. Here's "Heads or Tails":

Originally produced in 1980, this was reissued four years later.

Rating: B.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Sunday Funnies: Three Stooges in Crime on Their Hands (1948)

The Three Stooges are janitors at a metropolitan newspaper until they convince their boss to let them cover a diamond robbery. The usual chaos erupts in "Crime on Their Hands":

Rating: A.

Saturtainment: Meet the Dilly Sisters (The Banana Splits Adventure Hour, 1968)

The Dilly Sisters appeared a couple of times at least on The Banana Splits Adventure Hour during the first season. All these two ladies did was play acoustic guitars and sing "Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay", a vaudeville number that dates back to 1891.

At least Drooper (voice of Allan Melvin) seems to be entertained. Check it.

Sadly, some jerkwad decided to deconstruct the Splits into homicidal killers for a DTV due later this year after a premiere on SyFy. The trailer for that abomination is over at The Land of Whatever, where it belongs.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Saturday School: When I Grow Up (1988)

CBS launched this series of interstitals back in 1988. Somehow, since I only watched Superman as part of the CBS lineup with any regularity, I never saw this until today.

When I Grow Up was CBS' answer to One To Grow On over at NBC, but no celebrities were needed. Instead, CBS went with sponsorship from McDonald's.

SatAMBrainFood offers this sample about a "Toy Maker":

Rating: A.