Monday, May 2, 2016

Animated World of DC Comics: Superman meets the Brady Kids (1972)

Superman made his final appearance under the Filmation umbrella, guest starring in an episode of The Brady Kids in 1972.

It all starts when Cindy (Susan Olsen) finds Clark Kent's wallet in the street, and manages to deliver said wallet to Kent, not at the Daily Planet, but at a television station where he & Lois Lane are working in the context of the story. Don't ask.

We noted before that Len Weinrib might've been the one to have voiced Superman 3 years earlier for a short bit on Sesame Street after the passing of Bud Collyer. Now, since Weinrib wasn't credited, could it be that Larry Storch (Marlon, the magic mynah) was actually the one, as it would appear Storch did the honors here, too. Don't know who voiced Lois this time, though the character designs are the same as they were when used between 1966-8.

Here's "Cindy's Super Friend".

If someone could fill in the blanks for me, I'd certainly appreciate it.

Rating: B-.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Animated World of DC Comics: Super Friends meet The Mysterious Time Creatures (1977)

The Super Friends take on the task of protecting Konmo (Michael Bell in a dual role), a visitor from another world whose rule is overthrown by the sinister Dictor in "The Mysterious Time Creatures".

Perhaps the cool part in all this has to do with Jayna, wearing the form of a mouse, making a dead run all the way to the Hall of Justice, then having to get the attention of Batman & Robin.........!

Y'think maybe giving Batman all those extra Bat-gadgets might've been inspired by James Bond?

Rating: A.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Astro & the Space Mutts vs. Reverso (1981)

Astro & the Space Mutts have to deal with a really dyslexic villain in "Reverso". Y'think Reverso (Don Messick) might've gotten dialogue coaching from Yoda?

Space Ace (Michael Bell) should thank Astro (Messick). Imagine what might've happened if Kid Comet showed up and found Ace hitting on Jan, whom Comet would be dating later in the season.....!

Rating: B-. One of the better entries in the series, and there weren't many.

On The Air: Chicken Soup For The Soul's Hidden Heroes (2015)

Here's a hidden camera show that isn't offensive to the senses, but rather comfort food for the whole family.

Chicken Soup For The Soul's Hidden Heroes, to use the full title, launched in October as part of CBS' Litton-packaged Saturday lineup. Actress-reality show vet Brooke Burke-Charvet (Melissa & Joey, ex-Dancing With The Stars) serves as host/narrator for the lunch hour series, which follows ordinary folks doing some extraordinary things to help people.

And, too, there is the occasional celebrity profile. In this case, from November, here's animal rights advocate Beth Stern, wife of radio icon Howard Stern.

With the networks moving back to programming Saturday mornings with non-animated fare, like in the early days of television, this is the sort of show that would make a good topic for a class report, don't you think?

Rating: A.

We'll be looking at other parts of CBS/Litton's Dream Team block in the coming weeks.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Tooniversary: The Origin of Captain America (1966)

With the 3rd Captain America movie, subtitled, "Civil War", opening next week, why not take a look back to the 1966 adaptation of Stan Lee & Jack Kirby's retelling of the Star Spangled Avenger's origin?

There were plans for a new series for Cap a few years ago at Fox, but they never got off the ground. 

Rating: B-.

You Know The Voice: Louise Williams (1979)

A few days ago, we ran one of Michael Bell's two appearances on Three's Company. Well, the spotlight flips back to Louise Williams this time, as she too made two appearances on Company, playing two different characters.

In season 4's "A Camping We Will Go", Louise plays Laura, a saucy cigar & cigarette girl that Larry Dallas (Richard Kline) knows, and has turned up on a camping trip that was supposed to be just for Larry and his BFF, Jack Tripper (John Ritter). Ultimately, the rest of the gang shows up, including new landlord Ralph Furley (Don Knotts). Louise calls on her background with the comedy troupes the Groundlings and the Brown Paper Company to make this character work.

Louise would return two seasons later, playing a different character, and right now, that episode is unavailable.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Daytime Heroes: Mighty Mouse in Goons From The Moon (1951)

Terrytoons decided to poke fun at science fiction tropes in this 1951 Mighty Mouse entry, "Goons From The Moon". A planet-shaped meteor crashes on Earth, bearing a race of winged cats, bent on feasting on the rodent inhabitants of Terrytown.......

Tom Morrison, at the time the voice of Mighty Mouse, tells the tale using a Walter Winchell-esque reporter to move the story along. That joke got old very quickly, though. There's only so many variants on the central theme of mice vs. cats.....

Rating: B-.