Sunday, February 1, 2015

Animated (?) World of DC Comics: Video Comics (1979)

In its infancy, Nickelodeon, at the time owned by Warner-AMEX, launched a series called Video Comics, in which an off-screen narrator would read from an actual DC comic book, which was being shown on the screen. The series lasted two years, and was off the air by the time Nickelodeon was promoted from being a premium channel (don't ask) to basic cable on my system.

The following includes an issue of Len Wein & Berni Wrightson's legendary run on Swamp Thing, three years before the first film.

I never saw the show, so I can't rate it.


phairhead said...

WOW! Somewhere in the dark recesses of my memory, I remember watching this w/ my brothers when it was on Nick

magicdog said...

I don't remember this - although we got Nick around 81 or 82.

Very weird!

hobbyfan said...

As I wrote, I never got to see the show, since Nick, when it arrived in my area, was a premium channel for a few months. The idiots did the same to VH1 when they started in '85.