Saturday, January 31, 2015

You Know The Voice: Jackie Joseph (1966)

Insofar as I know, Jackie Joseph had a brief cartoon career, all with Hanna-Barbera. As most of you know, she voiced dim-witted Melody on Josie & The Pussycats and its subsequent sequel between 1970-3, and returned to work on the Dinky Dog backup feature on The All-New Popeye Hour.

Before that, Jackie had racked up an impressive resume as a "face actress", working in front of the camera. While I'm not sure if she ever worked with her husband, F-Troop's Ken Berry, Jackie did turn up in a season 1 episode of Hogan's Heroes.

In "I Look Better in Basic Black", Jackie plays one of three female prisoners who are at Stalag 13 on a temporary basis before the Gestapo sends them to Berlin, unless Hogan and his team can do something about it. Unsurprisingly, LeBeau (Robert Clary) & Newkirk (Richard Dawson) fall for the ladies, and ultimately must go undercover........!

Quick note. One role Jackie might've missed out on went to soundalike Didi Conn in 1980, that of Cupcake on Fonz & the Happy Days Gang. If you can watch an episode of Josie and one of Fonz back to back, you'll know what I mean.


magicdog said...

It seems her character here isn't too far off the Melody character - although she doesn't have that cute giggle Melody was known for.

I wonder if this was common for her other on camera appearances?

Never knew she was once married to Berry!

hobbyfan said...

I've known about the Berry-Joseph link for years. Have to see if they did the game show Tattletales.

I have to look up IMDB or Wikipedia for a full list of Jackie's on-camera work. I know she wound up on Run, Buddy, Run the next season, but aside from that.....!