Monday, January 12, 2015

Saturtainment: The Lighter Side of Sports (1986)

The Lighter Side of Sports isn't just another blooper reel show.

The series began on ESPN in 1986, hosted by former baseball player Jay Johnstone, who was succeeded by basketball coach Jim Valvano, and, finally, former football player Mike Golic (now 1/2 of ESPN's radio morning team). Sometime in the last decade, the series ended when producer Steve Rotfeld decided to concentrate on other cable matters. If that last name is familiar, yes, he's part of the family behind Greatest Sports Legends.

The final incarnation is a merger between Lighter Side and Bob Uecker's short lived series, which we'll cover another time. Only 46 episodes with Golic were produced, and more than half of them are available on Hulu, at last check.

Here's the intro:

ESPN currently has the series tucked away in the vault, as they're not even willing to run it on ESPN Classic. Go figure.

Rating: B.

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