Tuesday, January 6, 2015

You Know the Voice: Mae Questel (1978)

To toon fans of all generations, she was the voice behind Betty Boop and Olive Oyl, and even subbed as Popeye for a time. If you grew up in the 70's, Mae Questel stepped in front of the cameras to do a series of ads for Scott Towels as Aunt Bluebelle, and we finally had a face to match the voice.

In 1978, Mae appeared on the Mike Douglas Show. In addition to an interview, Mae performs "Button Up Your Overcoat". Scope it!

Unfortunately, when Hanna-Barbera acquired the rights to Popeye that year, they chose another actress to play Olive and Sea Hag, leaving Mae unable to work with Jack Mercer. While Popeye remained a CBS staple for a few years, it just wasn't the same.

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