Thursday, January 8, 2015

Now you can actually say there's television for all ages

BabyFirst TV has been on the air for a few years, but mostly through satellite providers. This week, Time Warner Cable in my home district added the channel to its roster, which comes as a pleasant surprise to parents, especially considering that until now, there weren't any networks on cable devoted to programming for kids 2 and under.

BabyFirst provides a great teaching tool for parents in so many different ways. Back in the day, our mothers watched us learn to draw, color, write, etc., but now, there are programs on the air that do those jobs for them. There's even karaoke for babies.

Like, scope out "Itsy Bitsy Spider":

Somehow, that spider reminds me of Schaper's old Cootie mascot, but maybe that's just me.

Next thing ya know, programming will be sponsored by either Proctor & Gamble (Pampers) or Kimberly Clark (Huggies).

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