Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Teenage Toons: Sabrina hosts a rummage sale, and we learn witches can play golf, too (1970)

Dailymotion serves up an episode of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

In the opener, Hilda & Zelda take part in a golf tournament, and Sabrina recruits Archie and his friends to act as caddies, with predictable results. Then, a rummage sale includes some very unlikely items, including coffins........!

No rating. I don't have any memory of seeing this one, so let's just scope it out.


magicdog said...

After having seen this - I think Filmation missed an awesome opportunity.

Rather than having the game played at night so Archie & the gang couldn't see the Groovie Goulies, they should have used Sabrina's original idea - to have a spell put on them so they would see the Goulies in a "normal" form. The characters would be redrawn to reflect their temporary looks while golfing. From the viewers' POV, they would switch back and forth as the episode progressed to it's inevitable conclusion. Hilarity really could have ensued!

hobbyfan said...

Since we don't know who wrote what on these shows, I'd say you have a good point.