Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Toons After Dark: The Cleveland Show (2009).

At the end of the last decade, Fox spun The Cleveland Show off from Family Guy. Unfortunately, the misadventures of Cleveland Brown (Mike Henry) and his family lasted just 4 seasons, just enough to get the show into syndication and [adult swim].

As shown in the following trailer, Cleveland reconnects with his high school sweetheart, Donna, when he registers his son at the same high school he attended growing up in Virginia. Silliness ensues.

All it really is, frankly, is more of the same dumber-than-a-doorknob comedy from co-executive producer Seth MacFarlane, who now has only Family Guy on Fox, while American Dad shifted over to TBS this season, just so Fox could try out a new live-action comedy, Mullaney, which apparently bombed. I tried watching this show a few times, and all I could get was Cleveland being no smarter than his friends from Family Guy, and that ain't saying much.

Rating: C.

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