Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Getting Schooled: Science International, aka What Will They Think Of Next? (1976)

Here's another series that came & went on Nickelodeon before the network came to my home area. In fact, like a number of other series, it was imported from outside the country, in this case, Canada.

Science International, otherwise known as What Will They Think Of Next?, lasted three years (1976-9) before being imported to the US by Nick in 1980. Actor Joseph Campanella, whose resume includes stints on Batman, Mannix, & The Bold Ones, served as host. Actress Kerrie Keane, who took over as co-host late in the run, had a modest run on American TV in the 80's, probably as a result of this show.

There is no rating, as I never saw the show, so let's just leave you with a sample clip:

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