Monday, February 9, 2015

Personal Favorites: Three Little Pups (1953)

Leave it to Tex Avery to put a spin on the classic Three Little Pigs by rebooting it as a Droopy vehicle, "Three Little Pups". Droopy (Bill Thompson) is given two dimwitted brothers, Snoopy & Loopy, and has to help them fend off a dog catcher (Daws Butler). An all-time classic.

Hil-freakin'-arious, man.

Rating: A++.


magicdog said...

First time I've seen this one in ages! Yup - one of the funnier ones.

I always liked how this toon was always self aware:

"Break it up, man. Joke's over"

"Don't ask us how we got the television set back!"

I do wonder what the name of the western was that is used as the TV show. I've seen it before in other shorts.

hobbyfan said...

I wish I knew. At the very least, it came from the MGM library.