Saturday, February 21, 2015

On The Air: Penn Zero, Part Time Hero (2014-5)

One of DisneyXD's newest entries looks like it was meant to be a video game, or inspired by one. It wouldn't be a shock to learn that, inevitably, there will be a game based on Penn Zero, Part Time Hero.

Penn lives with his aunt Rose (Rosie Perez) and uncle Chuck while his parents are off saving the world and/or the universe. However, that doesn't mean Penn will stand idly by when danger threatens.

Penn's heroic persona changes from one episode to the next, and he learns about being a hero as he goes along.

Here's the intro:

Penn Zero is airing in primetime as well as on Saturday mornings, but DXD would be wise not to burn this out too quickly, the way other shows have, by overairing it, but network executives these days seem to have brains made out of cream cheese, if you get my drift.

Rating: B-.

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