Thursday, February 26, 2015

Whatever happened to Where's Huddles?

A while back, I posted an episode of Where's Huddles, only to have to take it down when the video was booted off YouTube due to copyright concerns.

At the time, I had pitched the idea of rebooting the series as a multi-generational comedy-drama, which would bring the initial storylines forward from the 1970 series to the present day. The difference being, of course, that Ed Huddles and BFF/teammate Bubba McCoy would be retired, and their children would take up the family business of playing football. It's either that, or reboot it completely, with Ed & Bubba as active players. Regular correspondent Magicdog noted that Huddles, voiced by Cliff Norton in the 1970 series, bore a resemblance to another actor, Walter Matthau.

To refresh everyone's memory, here's the intro to that 1970 series, courtesy of CartoonsIntros:

My vision for a rebooted Huddles has two options.

1. The series moves forward into the present, with Ed & Bubba playing for the Rhinos, who would be an analogue for a current NFL team. My guess would be the Rams, who are rumored to be headed back to LA after more than 2 decades in St. Louis. I say the Rams because sportscaster Dick Enberg, who was heard in the series, was at one time the voice of the Rams. Ed would still be the quarterback, but he'd take on more of a younger appearance, as would Bubba and the rest of the team. This would allow for current NFL stars such as JJ Watt, Cam Newton, Tony Romo, and Eli & Peyton Manning, all of whom have appeared on Nickelodeon's Rush Zone, to make guest appearances. The players' wives, Marge & Penny, would also look a little younger.


Ed & Marge Huddles, as 20-somethings, would be voiced by Drake Bell (currently on Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors) and Amy Poehler, who just finished up Parks & Recreation. I'd reunite Will Friedle & Christy Carlson Romano (ex-Kim Possible) to play Bubba & Penny. Yeah, I know. Friedle was just cast for Guardians of the Galaxy, but he can do comedy, too. Claude Pertwee, the fussy neighbor, could be either Thomas Lennon (Odd Couple) or Neil Patrick Harris.

2. The other option is to make this a follow-up series. Ed & Bubba would be retired with sons of their own following in their footsteps. This would allow for a Married With Children reunion, casting Ed O'Neill (Modern Family) as Ed, with Katey Sagal (late of Sons of Anarchy) as Marge, Jason Alexander (ex-Seinfeld) as Bubba, Tina Fey (ex-30 Rock) as Penny, with Bell & Friedle as the next generation footballers.

Granted, the original series only lasted 10 weeks, so a TV-movie would be in order to reintroduce the cast. Contemporary announcers such as Jim Nantz (CBS) or Rich Eisen (NFL Network) would fill Enberg's spot at the mic.

What do you guys think?


Mr. Sig said...

I've never seen it on Boomerang, but the premise sure is interesting! Shame most sitcom writers don't know how to provide TV-G-rated content these days.

hobbyfan said...

Huddles was basically a modern-day take on the Flintstones, which was airing in repeats on NBC at the time.

Today's writers would rather ignore history than embrace it. Their loss.

magicdog said...

This show was on Boomerang a few years back.

This show was worse than a modern day take on The Flintstones - many elements were copied outright! Even most of the voices/VAs were repurposed! I guess I blame the writers at the time for treading old ground too closely. It doesn't help when the series finale involved Bubba, Huddles and THE ENTIRE TEAM thought Bubba was pregnant (!) and got the opposing team to go easy on him during the game due to his "delicate condition"!

This was worse than treading old ground - stupid ground is more like it!

hobbyfan said...

Desperation, perhaps?

But what about a revival, Magicdog?

magicdog said...

I'm in favor of one. Both your ideas could work.

hobbyfan said...

Yeah, but would WB pay attention? I doubt it.