Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Teenage Toons: High School USA (2013)

Fox recently announced the termination of its Saturday late night cartoon block, with plans to move what they have left into the primetime block. Good luck with that. They may need to slip Seth McFarlane a few C-notes to cede some space.

Anyway, one of the network's 1st entries was High School USA, which has 0 to do with a movie of the same name from a few years back, but, as you will see in the trailer, this satire is designed in the image of the Archie cartoons from the 60's & 70's, but with more mature content that wouldn't even get past the censors on Sunday nights.

I had posted the first episode, "Bullies", but it was taken down by YouTube. I have to have a Hulu account to get it back on here, so we'll go with the trailer. I caution that there is some mature content, uncensored, on this video:

Would [adult swim] take a chance? Considering the creative personnel came from there, maybe.

Rating: B.

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