Wednesday, April 9, 2014

On The Air: The Tom & Jerry Show (2014)

It would be easy to say that Tom & Jerry are back, but then, they never left.

In the six years since Tom & Jerry Tales was cancelled by the CW, there've been at least a couple of DTV movies to tie fans over. Cartoon Network breaks the drought with The Tom & Jerry Show, which bowed earlier today, and if you missed it, either there'll be reruns through the weekend, or it'll be available on demand from your cable provider, take your pick.

Warner Bros. & Renegade Animation sought to recapture the spirit of the classics from the 40's, but the animation seems a little less fluid than had been expected. Spike, minus son Tyke, factors into the first tale, "Spike Gets Skooled", in which Tom tricks his owners into blaming Spike for a mess he (& Jerry) created. In the 2nd tale, Tom & Jerry are in a witch's cabin, where Tom uses a cauldron for a bathtub, and attaches Jerry to a stick to create a makeshift brush. Silliness follows.

Here's the intro:

You have to hope the writing is a little better as we move along.

Rating: B-.


magicdog said...

The preview seems to show a lot of revisiting of old premises from the 40s and 50s shorts! I saw scenes that look about the same almost move for move - with poorer animation.

I appreciate going for the spirit of the classic shorts, but virtually remaking them isn't what's needed.

hobbyfan said...

This is what you sign up for at CN. Makes the Road Runner CGI shorts on the Looney Tunes Show worthy of an Emmy or three by comparison.