Thursday, April 3, 2014

From Comics to Toons: The X-Men's network TV debut (1983)

From Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends comes the network television debut of the X-Men.

Firestar (Kathy Garver, ex-Family Affair) has a rough go of it in the X-Men's Danger Room, prompting Spider-Man to give it a shot, with encouragement from one of the team's founding members--and current partner to the webhead--Iceman (Frank Welker). Naturally, chaos follows.

Rating: B- .


magicdog said...

I think the ep was OK, at least it was my introduction to X-Men and more Marvel characters. Up to that point, I had only familiarity with the Fantastic Four (thanks to the HB series) and Spidey (thanks to his 60s series). I was most familiar with DC characters via The Superfriends.

I saw it again and was confused as to why "Sprite" had Kitty Pryde's powers - until I later learned they were the same character, with the name change to Shadow Cat.

Spidey also gets some recognition from the mutants - since he's originally told he couldn't attend their gathering since he technically wasn't a [born] mutant
nor an alumnus of Xavier's school.

I suggest you give it a try!

hobbyfan said...

Turns out I did see this before, and have added the rating I applied in the earlier review.