Monday, April 21, 2014

From Comics to Toons: The Boondocks (2005)

It is, without question, [adult swim]'s answer to South Park. It is controversial by design---but better animated than most of [as]' roster.

Aaron McGruder created The Boondocks while in college, and after the strip appeared in a college newspaper, then the now-defunct The Source, a nationally published hip-hop magazine, McGruder put the series in newspapers. In 2005, he transitioned to television, landing the adventures of Huey & Riley Freeman and their grandfather, Robert, on [adult swim]. Tonight, after a lengthy hiatus, the series begins its final season.

McGruder, however, is no longer associated with the cartoon. He's working on a new project for [as], which should be ready to go, probably before the end of the year.

The Boondocks has always been built around Huey & Riley (both voiced by actress Regina King), serving as avatars for McGruder's viewpoints on society in general, especially as it relates to African Americans. John Witherspoon (ex-The Wayans Brothers) voices Grandpa Robert. I'd like to post an episode here, but because of language and other concerns, we'll settle for the intro:

While filmmaker-turned-network executive Reginald Hudlin was credited as an executive producer, he actually left the show before it hit the air to take the President's job at BET. Go figure.

Rating: B.

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