Monday, April 14, 2014

Toon Sports: Mutant League (1994)

The only memory I have of Mutant League, which was an adaptation of a popular video game of the early 90's, is that it might've aired on USA Network, but I didn't otherwise see it in syndication. Information on the series, regrettably, is similarly scarce, as the series approaches its 20th anniversary in July.

Obviously, there's no rating, but maybe the intro will refresh some memories..........


magicdog said...

May I recommend a grade of F-minus?

Seriously this was a piss pot poor series - and as someone who had a high tolerance for less than stellar toons, that's saying a lot.

The premise in a nutshell: A new stadium opens, shortly after the players take the field, a hole opens up. It turns out the stadium was built over a nuke dump, and the players (and some of the attendees that day) became monster mutants. After that, the team owners create "Mutant Leagues" with the mutant players. The hero, more or less is star player, "Bones Justice". He thwarts the plans of various evil types.

Just plain horrible!!!

hobbyfan said...

Hmmmmm. That would qualify it as "Bad TV", wouldn't it, now?