Saturday, April 5, 2014

You Know The Voice: Larry Kenney (1977)

Eight years before he was cast as the voice of Lion-O on the original Thundercats, Larry Kenney was a radio DJ in New York, and was hired by WOR-TV to host their version of Bowling For Dollars. The show didn't last long (Boo! Hiss!!), largely because it was airing opposite local news and syndicated programming in the Big Apple.

My folks and I would watch the show regularly, and with good reason. My parents were league bowlers, and I would join them a few years later.

Now, let's scope the action.

This episode comes complete with local commercials, including some stores that ain't around anymore. Oh, the memories!


magicdog said...

Boy do those commercials bring back memories!

I had an uncle that was on the original Bowling for Dollars. Didn't do too badly! I come from a family of bowlers myself.

Had no idea the future "Lion-O" was on this show.

hobbyfan said...

It's just too bad they didn't try this kind of a show closer to home. There was another version in Rochester, but no one wants to try it in the Albany market. Wimps.