Friday, May 2, 2014

Animated World of DC Comics: Catwoman (2011)

Boy howdy! Talk about a kitten with a whip!

As part of the DC Showcase series, Catwoman shines in her first solo cartoon, written by Paul Dini. The Princess of Plunder (Eliza Dushku, ex-Dollhouse) takes on a diamond-toothed smuggler named Rough Cut (John DiMaggio, ex-Futurama), who is not only smuggling diamonds, but, as Catwoman herself notes, "something more precious".

You can see she learned some lessons from The Batman after all these years.

Sadly, Dini took the money and signed on with Marvel's toon division to work on Ultimate Spider-Man a year after this 15 minute film was completed. Biggest career mistake ever.

Now, here's Catwoman.

Think Cartoon Network could be, ah, persuaded to run this on [adult swim]? They'd be stupid not to.

Rating: A++.

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