Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo: Menudo on ABC (1982)

Hola, amigos. For Cinco de Mayo today, we will take a look back when ABC took a chance on the pop group, Menudo, helping the Puerto Rican teen group hit it big stateside. The lineup was interchangeable due to any number of factors forcing a turnover in the lineup, such as puberty and an age limit of 16. Unfortunately, the most famous alumnus of Menudo, Ricky Martin, joined the band after their run on ABC had come to an end, joining Menudo in 1984.

Menudo also recorded the theme to the 1983 series, Rubik, The Amazing Cube, which also aired on ABC, albeit for 1 season.

Menudo on ABC was a series of interstitals doubling as music videos, introducing the band to American audiences. Their first English language CD came out shortly before Martin joined the group, if memory serves. Here, the guys serve up their own version of the game, "Simon Says", in lyrical form, as in, "If Menudo Says":

The band's original run spanned 20 years (1977-97), and then reformed after a 10 year hiatus, only to dissolve again (2007-9). At least they didn't fall into the same trap as other popular bands, and be licensed into cartoon characters........

Rating: B.

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