Friday, May 9, 2014

Animated World of DC Comics: Green Arrow (2010)

Beyond the Lot brings another DC Showcase featurette, this one starring Green Arrow.

The Emerald Archer (Neal McDonough) is pressed into service to protect a young royal who has ascended to the throne after her father, the king, has been assassinated. The hitch? The new queen (Ariel Winter, Modern Family) is the niece of Green Arrow's long-time nemesis, Count Vertigo (Steve Blum). Vertigo has sent Merlyn the Magnificent (Malcolm McDowell) to assassinate the child, so that he can become king himself. We've seen plots like this before, but in an airport?

Black Canary (Grey DeLisle) shows up as well, and wait until you see what awaits her.

Greg Weisman crafted a tight, tidy little tale, directed & produced by Joaquim Dos Santos. Great stuff.

Rating: A.


magicdog said...

Half the live action stuff these days doesn't even compare to this!

I'd seen it before when I rented one of the DC movies and loved it! I wish more stuff like this were on the dial.

Some fans claim this short is part of the YJ universe (aka the DCNU), but I'm not fussy about the universe. It's a great short - PERIOD!

hobbyfan said...

No need to worry about continuity here, although giving the thumbs-up to a GA/BC series would've been nice---for a network other than Cartoon Network.