Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Toon Legends: The Tom & Jerry Show (1975)

It'd been a few years since Tom & Jerry ended their run at CBS & MGM, and, thanks to creators William Hanna & Joseph Barbera, the duo returned to television in 1975, this time on ABC, and, for the first time, under the H-B umbrella.

Anti-violence regulations forced the violence to be sacrificed in favor of friendly rivalries and the occasional dirty tricks. It just wasn't the same.

Anyway, here's the intro:

The series lasted three seasons, with the final season airing on Sundays, as was the case when they were on CBS. After two years off, Tom & Jerry would resurface at Filmation, returning to CBS in 1980. However, that homecoming was short-lived.

Over the course of the series' run, there were two backup features. Great Grape Ape debuted in season 1, then was spun off and moved to Sundays to make room for Mumbly, Muttley's lookalike cousin, and a parody of Columbo as if he were played by Droopy.

Rating: B+.


AH3RD said...

It remains my all-time favorite incarnation of T&J, ever since I first caught repeats of it on my local ABC (turned FOX) affiliate WVUE-TV weekday afternoons. Check out my website devoted to the series: Aaron's New Tom & Jerry Information Site.

Historic Note: Believe it or not, this series marked the first time ever that Tom and Jerry appeared in animated installments produced exclusively for television.

hobbyfan said...

IIRC, there were some bumpers created for CBS' 1st go-round (1965) to go along with the shorts acquired for the series.

I've seen the site. Looks good.

AH3RD said...

Update: due to financial woes @ I moved my site to a new URL at the beginning of the year: