Monday, May 26, 2014

Rein-Toon-Ation: The Tom & Jerry Comedy Show (1980)

The only reason Tom & Jerry didn't stay with creators William Hanna & Joseph Barbera after their 1975 H-B series ended was because MGM still owned the characters. In 1980, MGM licensed the iconic duo to Filmation for a brand new series, airing on CBS. Fellow MGM stars Droopy and, if memory serves me correctly, Spike & Tyke, were part of a rotation of back-up features. Unfortunately, The Tom & Jerry Comedy Show lasted just 1 season before CBS booted them out for the 2nd time.

The new king of animal voices, Frank Welker, voiced Droopy for the first time, and was the only actor credited. He'd be reunited with the MGM crew when H-B not only reacquired Tom & Jerry, but picked up Droopy as well, 10 years later.

Here's the open & close:

The chases had resumed, but because of anti-violence restriction imposed during the duo's 1st CBS run, they really couldn't match the intensity of the classic shorts.

Rating: B-.

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