Monday, July 8, 2013

Tooniversary: Inch High......Pet Detective? (1973)

Long before Ace Ventura was even a thought in a writer's mind, Inch High, Private Eye was solving cases about missing animals. Case in point is this episode.

Unfortunately, the video has been deleted.

I cannot fairly rate this episode, as I never saw it. Sorry about the fact the opening & closing credits aren't included.


magicdog said...

I've seen it, and it's not unlike the rest of this series - not that good. It didn't help that Inch was too much of a bumbler. I do wonder if Don Adams was intended to voice him - Lenny Wienrib voices him in a similar manner.

I remember reading somewhere that originally Inch was supposed to be able to go back and forth between his regular and small size, but it was changed at the last minute. I'd like to see that incorporated in a reboot. He could be The Atom with the detective abilities of Ralph Dibney.

hobbyfan said...

We could say that he took part in an experiment that failed, leaving him trapped at his present size. H-B might've decided against using the size-changing format for fear of litigation from DC (even though they'd launched Super Friends the same year) or Marvel (Ant-Man).

I guess we'll never know.