Monday, July 22, 2013

Animated World of DC Comics: Can a superhero really be fired? (2013)

To illustrate how absurd, if not outright stupid, Teen Titans GO! can be at any given time, we give you "Exhibit A", or, "You're Fired!".

The plot, such as it is: Beast Boy's hesitation on a mission leads to his dismissal and a satire on talent shows follows. Producers Michael Jelenic & Aaron Horvath are insulting the intelligence of older fans, while trying to impress younger viewers who've no past experience with the Titans. The sudden appearance of a rep from the "Human Resources" department stretches the bounds of credibility way too thin.

Anyway, see for yourself. For the record, Tara Strong (Raven) & Khary Payton (Cyborg) double up (pun intended) as the voices of the Wonder Twins, whom I doubt we'll see again in this series after this embarrassment.

Right now, let's scope out the audition phase:

Totally unfunny. Rating: D-.


magicdog said...

Blue Falcon & Dynomutt actually beat them to the unemployment line joke 35 years ago!

CN's interstitial about Zan & Jana's powers already beat them to that joke 15 years ago.

They cancelled "Young Justice", WHY???

hobbyfan said...

The story goes that CN's idiotic suits think action cartoons don't bring the ratings unless it involves Batman. Even though he was a supporting player in YJ, the toys weren't moving, and that, despite the ratings, dictated that YJ, as well as Green Lantern, would be cancelled.

CN has to hope Beware the Batman is a huge hit, otherwise, DC Nation will end up DOA. Unfortunately, there are enough dumb kids out there, such that they did a TTG marathon on Saturday.

Geed said...

It was fun seeing the Wonder Twins again but TTG is just another horrid cartoon. The previous iteration had 5 strong seasons and one great special (Trouble in Tokyo) but the new one just dumbs it down to a bad level.

hobbyfan said...

Network suits need to understand that shows like TTG are going to attract all ages, not just the target demographic. Unfortunately, they also have this asinine perception that these shows have to be tailored for lowest-common-denominator humor that small children can understand.

That said, TTG, in a perfect world, would be in for a short shelf life.

Steven Dolce said...

Why can't this show be aimed at both kids AND adults?

hobbyfan said...

Because the writers are morons?