Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Animated World of DC Comics: Wonder Woman (2013)

In my review of Beware the Batman yesterday, I neglected to mention a DC Nation short that was included with the episode. Just as well, because the nimrods at Cartoon Network and Time Warner Cable couldn't get together to figure out the appropriate time block for the show, due to too many commercials.

Anyway, Wonder Woman goes solo in a short written & directed by Robert Valley, who gets his inspiration from the late 90's redesign for Batman with the angular designs for the Amazing Amazon, who subs out her invisible jet for a sports car. Sorry to say that the complete clip is not yet available on YouTube, and that what I did see On Demand was cut off before the conclusion, thus cutting off the closing credits to Beware the Batman.

Well, all you're going to see here is about 33 seconds of potential coolness.

Hey, it's better than the current comics.

Rating: B.


magicdog said...

I saw the first half of the short (part two will conclude this Saturday), and it ends not much further along that the clip you embedded. Wondy confronts the two other Amazons about the intruder (Steve Trevor) and challenges them after they tell her they would "take care" of him. I'm looking forward to see what comes next!

I was reminded of Quentin Tarantino for some reason. I thought it was a fun alternate take on the mythos though.

hobbyfan said...

I saw that same scene, but then that was when the On Demand feed was cut off. We'll just see where it goes from there.