Wednesday, July 3, 2013

On The Air: Family Guy (1999)

Former Cartoon Network animator Seth MacFarlane's subversive, controversial Family Guy is one of those rare birds. A show revived by viewer demand & DVD sales after it'd been cancelled----twice.

MacFarlane set the show in the fictional city of Quahog in Rhode Island. When was the last time that tiny New England state ever had such attention focused on it, anyway? Considering that MacFarlane is a Rhode Island native, it could be construed that this fits under "slice of life", as he based the dumber-than-a-box-of-hammers title character, Peter Griffin, on some people he knew growing up. Family Guy has repeatedly raised the ire of the moral zealots of the Parents Television Council for mocking religion, among other things.

If there is one positive to the series, especially since its relaunch in 2005, it's the fact that MacFarlane may have channeled his inner geek by bringing in Adam West (ex-Batman) to be a semi-regular cast member. West's animated namesake is, at last check, the mayor of Quahog. West had revived his career via animation over the last several years, gaining a new generation of fans.

MacFarlane is joined in the cast by Mila Kunis (ex-That 70's Show), who became the 2nd actress to essay the role of Meg (Lacey Chabert had been the original Meg, but left due to conflicting commitments between school and Party of Five), Alex Borstein (ex-MadTV) as Lois, and Seth Green (Robot Chicken) as Chris, who's almost as dim as his dad, although he did inherit the waistline.

Following is a video montage spotlighting Mayor Adam West, if only because it may be safer than anything else.

I've mentioned before how MacFarlane made mockery of the Wonder Twins, which cost him plenty of cred points at this desk. Besides, if there's one reason I'd side with the PTC regarding this show, it's because it's a celebration of stupidity, as embodied by Peter.

Rating: C.

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