Monday, July 1, 2013

From Comics To Toons: Beetle Bailey tries cutting the mess hall line (1973)

Nearly ten years after his syndicated series ended production, Beetle Bailey returned to television, this time in a short skit on Sesame Street. An off-camera narrator carries the action, as apparently the producers couldn't get any of the voice actors to return, although Howard Morris, who was the voice of Beetle in the 1962-4 King Features series, did contribute a short skit with Jughead from The Archie Show four years earlier. Allan Melvin (Sgt. Snorkel) was working on The Brady Bunch at the time. Oh, well.

This would be the last Beetle cartoon. Now, if some enterprising soul would try to get the rights......!

Rating: C.


magicdog said...

It's obvious they didn't need the VAs since none of the characters spoke. Cheaper that way.

I'm curious what a Beetle Bailey toon would be like in this day and age?

magicdog said...


What I meant to add was they could have hired Melvin and Morris - but wanted to keep it cheap.

hobbyfan said...

What I'm not sure of is the animation house that did this bit. Might be the same one that did a lot of Sesame Street skits (save for the ones Filmation did w/Jughead, Superman, & Batman).