Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday School: The Magic School Bus (1994)

Nearly 20 years after its debut, The Magic School Bus is still rolling in reruns, and why not?

Based on a series of children's books about science, The Magic School Bus bowed on PBS in 1994, and lasted through 4 13-episode "seasons", ending in 1997. Produced by Canada's Nelvana Studios, Magic stars Emmy winner Lily Tomlin (ex-Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In) as science teacher Valerie Frizzle, who takes her class on bizarre but educational field trips. In the course of the last 19 years, the Bus has also aired on TLC, Fox, & NBC, among other places. Rock legend Little Richard recorded the show's kickin' theme song, which may be the most restrained he's ever been when singing, except maybe in church.

Anyway, Tomlin was able to lure some of her Hollywood friends, including Michael York, Sherman Hemsley, Ed Begley, Jr., Robby Benson, and singers Dolly Parton & Wynonna Judd, as guest stars during the series' 3 year run. Pretty good, eh?

Following is the season 3 opener, "In a Beehive".

Some have compared this show to Filmation's 1973 series, Mission: Magic, but aside from the rock theme, and celebrity casting, there is no comparison.

Rating: A.

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