Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saturtainment: Fraidy Cat (1975)

From Uncle Croc's Block comes the world's most paranoid feline, Fraidy Cat. As Uncle Croc (Charles Nelson Reilly) explains in the series' theme song, Fraidy's used up most of his 9 lives, and wants to make this last life count. Good luck with that, as he has to deal with some literal cat burglars after he finds their stolen loot just by coincidence........

What doomed Fraidy was the fact that they jumped right to the chase, leaving him with one life out of 9 right from jumpstreet, which left little redeeming value to his story. If they worked it out where he was losing life after life, leading to his predicament, well, things might've been different, but then, it wouldn't seem so funny, would it now?

Rating: B-.

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