Friday, August 10, 2012

Celebrity Toons: Wish Kid (1991)

As children, we've all got our favorite cartoons, but what child hasn't dreamed of being in his own cartoon?

Consider the case of Macaulay Culkin. Not yet a teenager, Culkin was a hot commodity in Hollywood coming off the success of "Home Alone", and before that, having appeared opposite John Candy in "Uncle Buck". Like Candy, Culkin was signed by DIC to star in his own animated series, but it would not be spun off from "Home Alone", although they might have been better off.........!

Wish Kid aired on NBC, the same network that was home to Camp Candy, for its one and only season in 1991, cancelled because the network had decided at the time to discontinue airing cartoons on Saturday mornings in favor of live-action, teen-centric sitcoms, a practice long since reversed. Culkin was the voice of Nick McClary, a typical kid who soon discovers that, thanks to a star that settled into his baseball glove, he can make any wish he has come true for a time. Now, what kid wouldn't want to let his imagination go completely wild?

Post-cancellation, Wish Kid got a second life in reruns on the Family Channel (now ABC Family), but there was only so much they could do with just 13 episodes.

Following is the show open, with the theme song composed to the tune of "Chantilly Lace", it seems, and uploaded by sounickmcclary......

Today, the series languishes in the vaults, having not been seen since its Family Channel run. A pity.

Rating: C.


Emily Grace said...

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hobbyfan said...

Thanks. If I can find more Wishkid eps, we'll put 'em up.