Saturday, August 18, 2012

Is nothing sacred?: Family Guy copies the Super Friends

On Fox's Family Guy, anything, and I do mean, anything, is open season for satire or parody.

Series creator/star/executive producer Seth MacFarlane decided to indulge his hidden inner geek by copying the open to 1977's All New Super Friends Hour. IHS7 uploaded this side-by-side comparison of MacFarlane's version, using the Griffin family as the Super Friends, alongside the actual open, with the original narrative track by Bill Woodson. Judge for yourselves. It's just too bad Meg was left out..............

Edit: 1/1/16: The original comparison video's been deleted. In its place is the intro as used on Family Guy:

And, then, there's the more familiar video.....

Oh, it gets worse. Supposedly, there was a scene with the Wonder Twins having to do with Peter Griffin (MacFarlane) morphing into one of Jayna's, ahem, tampons. And you wonder why people are cringing over what MacFarlane plans to do with The Flintstones next year?

We'll give MacFarlane an A for effort, just to be kind.


magicdog said...

I've not bothered to see this show since its first season, but you've got to admit, the opening credits is a great homage to the Superfriends! You can tell that it was done with a certain anmount of love and respect for the original show.

Tampon jokes? Really?

You're correct in thinking stuff like that is what makes people leery of a Seth MacFarlane Flintstones remake.

BTW, I have heard that remake is on hold for the time being, perhaps indefinitely, and I'm guessing it's the internet backlash after the initial announcement was made.

hobbyfan said...

Hmmm, I have heard the same thing. Read it, actually. The notation on the tampon joke came from a Wikipedia entry on the Wonder Twins.

Considering that they've also mined Star Wars for at least a couple of storylines, well, MacFarlane is a geek of the first order. It's just a shame that he has to use lame, unfunny gags (well, unfunny to you & me).