Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Fury (1955)

In 1977, NBC introduced a "super horse" to their Saturday lineup, Thunder, which lasted just one season. However, the pedigree goes much further than that, although it wasn't quite fulfilled.

22 years earlier, the network had another "super horse" in Fury, who was the centerpiece of what resembled a Saturday morning lineup back then. One of the surprising things about this show was that it was produced by British producer Gerry Anderson, better known for his supermarionation line of puppet adventure shows of the 60's and the sci-fi classic, Space: 1999, in the late 70's.

The two primary human stars of Fury were Bobby Diamond and a pre-Mission: Impossible Peter Graves. I remember seeing Fury in syndication in the early 70's as a morning entry, and this was likely to cash in on Graves starring in Mission at the time. I only saw one episode, and I wished it was on in the afternoon instead of the morning. Hey, you can't have everything, pilgrims.

Anyway, here's a clip from the first episode.

It's just too bad that today, Fury languishes in the vaults, as no one wants to air this show, when it'd fit right in with some other vintage Westerns of its time.

Rating: B-.


magicdog said...

I'd heard of this show but never saw it, although my parents remembered watching it during its first run.

I DID watch "Thunder" back in the day, being the horse lover I was! I still have a novel based on one of his adventures!

Bobby Diamond... as in VA for HB superhero "Mightor" Bobby Diamond? Well, the "Tor" persona that is.

hobbyfan said...

Ya know, methinks that will require some research. If he is in fact the same actor that was brought in by H-B 12 years later, we'll add this to the You Know The Voice section.

Speaking of that particular department, I could've crossposted the Dragnet ep I have over at the Land of Whatever to note Olan Soule's appearance, but we might use another episode down the line.