Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Super Stretch & Micro Woman (1978)

Here's the last component from 1978's Tarzan & The Super 7 anthology series.

Super Stretch & Micro Woman were a husband & wife team of heroes, the second such coupling on the show, along with Manta & Moray. The reason you won't see their adventures on DVD any time soon is largely because their powers are derivative of other heroes. In Micro Woman's case, she's a female version of DC's Silver Age Atom, who had his own short-lived feature for Filmation & CBS 11 years earlier. Super Stretch (Ty Henderson, ex-Space Academy) was simply an African-American variation on Plastic Man and/or Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four, the latter of whom was back on the air that same season, over on NBC, while Plas would come along the following year on ABC.

Palitoy uploaded this sample, which has our married crimebusters taking on their evil counterparts, totally opposite in powers, from another dimension. This is the concluding portion of that story.....

The presence of the couple's pet dog, Trouble, as their sidekick, recalls Inch High using a dog as a sidekick 5 years prior, so there's another issue.

Rating: B.


magicdog said...

Personally I think it's BS that the powers were "derivative". There are only so many powers to go around and it's inevitable that some will be similar if not exact.

Does anyone confuse Green Arrow with Hawkeye? Exempting their hero costumes and base personalities/backstories, they have the same abilities and trick arrow shtick.

I liked this show in part because of Chris' & Christie's marital relationship (married couples working together can be tough - imagine a crimefighting duo dealing with those issues!), and it was one of the first positive examples of black crimefighters I'd ever seen on TV as well.

Not to mention Trouble was so cute!

hobbyfan said...

Let's give Filmation a lot of credit for being one of the first studios to showcase positive African-American role models, starting with Chuck Clayton in the Archie cartoons and, of course, Bill Cosby's Fat Albert.

It's just sad that DC & Marvel have to be so petty that the Crosses' adventures will never see the light of day on DVD unless Classic Media decides to take a chance on bucking the system.....

magicdog said...

Didn't Dreamworks buy out Classic Media? If the deal is finalized, maybe they'll have the clout to release this and other Filmation toons that have been languishing.

hobbyfan said...

News to me if they did.