Thursday, August 9, 2012

It Should've Been on a Saturday: Green Tambourine (2001)

Disney's Recess ended production with the release of the 2001 feature film, "School's Out", which was quite the change of pace from the regular series. However, we're not here to discuss the film. Where Disney & ABC failed was not taking the occasion to air the movie in Recess' regular slot as part of the One Saturday Morning block during its final season (2001-2; it was renamed ABC Kids the following year).

The movie soundtrack included some classic pop-rock from the 60's, mostly thanks to flashback/dream sequences used in the film. Mostly, these were original tracks, but for a couple of covers. The Lemon Pipers' "Green Tambourine" was a classic by itself, but the producers decided to use it as a means of utilizing Robert Goulet as the singing voice of Mikey, one of the regulars (normally voiced by Jason Davis). Heh, they might as well have gotten William Shatner for this one, as "Tambourine" doesn't lend itself to Goulet's cabaret style. Need proof? Here it is, closed-captioned for the hearing impaired:

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