Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Saturday School: Bill Nye the Science Guy (1993)

Part science class, part performance art. Much like Beakman's World, which bowed a year or so earlier, Bill Nye the Science Guy taught & entertained at the same time, with the entertainment in the form of song parodies and skits.

Comic Ross Shafer, who had the dubious task of hosting a poorly received 1990 revival of Match Game, created the series for his friend Nye, who's back in the news this week speaking out against Biblical Creationism. I will reserve commentary on that for another time, but let's look back at when Nye first achieved celebrity status.

Prior to landing his own show, Nye had contributed to the animated Back to the Future, appearing in skits with Christopher Lloyd. Bill Nye the Science Guy was an odd duck in that though the series was produced by Disney, it was airing primarily on PBS before going into general syndication and more direct competition, depending on the market, with the similarly themed Beakman.

Following is the episode, "Structures":

Rating: A.

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