Friday, August 17, 2012

On the Air: Cubix: Robots For Everyone (2001)

Cubix: Robots For Everyone isn't from Japan, unlike most imports introduced to American audiences by 4Kids Entertainment. Instead, this show comes to us from South Korea, and I believe it is the first series from there to arrive here in the US.

Cubix debuted in 2001 on Kids' WB!, and spent two years there before moving to Fox. Only two seasons were produced, so Fox recycled the entire two seasons over a 2 year period. Now, the series is on WB's successor, CW, where the Toonzai block is undergoing a total facelift. More on that later.

The series takes us to the year 2044, where everyone, it seems, has a robot companion in some capacity. Inevitably, there are heroes & villains, and because the show is back on the air now, I can't consign it to the "Forgotten Heroes" section just yet. Amazingly, Cubix has not turned up on Cartoon Network or any other cabler, despite fan requests.

I love the CGI designs, but you have to follow the show from day one to get a grip on the plotline.

SpacePrimal uploaded the open.

Rating: A.

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