Saturday, June 9, 2012

You Know The Voice: Louise Williams (1983)

A while back, I posted an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show in which Louise "Liberty" Williams had guested well before she began her voice-over career. This time, her short-lived 1983 ABC sitcom, Baby Makes Five, is at the center of this network promo, narrated by the late, inestimable Ernie Anderson, who was a staff announcer for ABC for many years. Louise had the same kind of luck with Baby as she did with Bustin' Loose and 13 Queens Boulevard in the 70's. That is to say, none at all, as Baby, a spring replacement series, was cancelled, and Louise went back to work on Super Friends for 2 more seasons.

Co-star Peter Scolari was in between Bosom Buddies (w/future Oscar winner Tom Hanks) and Newhart when he landed the Baby gig. Unfortunately, the promo is all we have on this show, which was largely ignored in the spring of 1983. Scolari, oh, by the way, would later re-team with Hanks when the two worked on the animated film, "The Polar Express" in 2005. Just had to get that in there.

Edit: 2/21/14: The video was deleted by YouTube due to copyright issues.


magicdog said...

Funny. I don't remember this show, and I thought I knew about the more obscure shows!

I remember Scolari being on 'Bosom Buddies', then he seemed to pop up on Newhart a few years later. Didn't know he had a show in between.

He and Tom Hanks did end up doing guest turns on Happy Days around this time, although they were in separate episodes. Personally, i always thought Scolari deserved more fame than he ultimately received. He's a pretty talented guy, and BB was a great showcase for it.

hobbyfan said...

Hey, I never watched the show either, as I think it was opposite Dukes of Hazzard at the time, but I had heard of it.