Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Looney TV: Taz-Mania (1991)

The Tasmanian Devil had been a foil/adversary for Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck, albeit separately, since his debut, but someone at Warner Bros. saw some value in making him the star of his own show.

Now, the guy really can't speak all that well, which actually makes him the exception rather than the rule, as would be revealed in the 1991 series, Taz-Mania, which alternated between Saturdays & weekday afternoons on Fox, sometimes airing 6 days a week. The producers gave Taz a more domestic look, complete with parents and siblings, and a supporting cast that could've gone somewhere---if only Fox kept the show in a stable timeslot!

Two seasons' worth of episodes were produced, and broadcast over four years (1991-95). Hey, it's better than what was done to him last year on The Looney Tunes Show, when Bugs & Daffy mistook him for a watchdog and took him in as a pet. Makes you wonder who's loonier, the characters or the jabronies writing the show!

Jess Harnell sings the theme song, and if the Australian accent he uses sounds familiar, it should. He would later create a speaking voice to go with it for one of the Warner Brothers on Animaniacs.

It's too bad the show is sitting in the vaults somewhere. What fun.

Rating: B.

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