Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rein-Toon-Ation: Hong Kong Phooey (2001)

A few years ago, Cartoon Network commissioned a series of online shorts featuring a number of cartoon stars of the past. Hong Kong Phooey returned, buffer and tougher than ever, and with new powers, in this untitled short, uploaded by cozeminus. No dialogue, just a lot of ass-whooping, something HKP could not do in the original 1974 series. No Spot, no Sgt. Flint, no Rosemary, just Penrod Pooch, that file cabinet, and some overconfident foes.

In a word, panrific! Rating: A.


Mario500 said...

"No dialogue, just a lot of ass-whooping"

You could have just written "just a lot of fighting" without being so rough. Not every visitor would use such language either in writing or through their voices.

magicdog said...

I LOVE this!

I'm surprised I hadn't come across it before!

It really makes you rethink the whole HKP mythos doesn't it? This is what the old show could have been, if violence had been allowed in toons back then.

hobbyfan said...

Mario500: You wouldn't believe what kids are saying today, so while I was taking a risk, it was mild compared to how other bloggers might have written it. Especially the snarky, wiseguy types.

Magicdog: I wanted to find an episode of the original series to put up as part of a tribute to Richard Dawson, who'd done some work on the show, but I don't know the specific episode. You're right about the anti-violence regulations that were in place in those days. If Phooey wasn't presented as a bumbling sort who traded on luck and Spot's timely intervention, who knows?

Come to think of it, Phooey's bumbling antics would remind some of Maxwell Smart and when Don Adams was cast as Inspector Gadget nearly 10 years later, it all came full circle, don't ya think?