Saturday, June 9, 2012

On The Air: Green Screen Adventures (2007)

A few years ago, before he became the host of The Price Is Right, Drew Carey attempted to replicate the success of the improvisation-driven Whose Line Is It Anyway? with a show built around the use of a green screen, which allows for the performers to still be on stage while a background appears behind them. Unfortunately, it was airing on the CW network, and failed to get through its one and only season.

In 2007, WCIU in Chicago launched Green Screen Adventures, which encourages viewers to submit story ideas for the cast to perform using the green screen. The show went into syndication, and has aired on cable in recent years, currently airing weekends from 8-10 am (ET) on Me-TV. Tehgary uploaded this sample from the series opener:

The idea is to encourage not only kids, but adults as well, to tap into their creative juices. I am not entirely certain, since I don't follow the show, if it's still in production, but if it isn't, it's a lost opportunity, and that's a shame.

 Rating: A.

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