Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Saturtainment: Dink the Little Dinosaur (1989)

Dinosaurs were gradually becoming big business in the late 80's and early 90's. Previously, we've reviewed the adventure series, Dinosaucers, so now let's move the clock forward 2 years and consider Ruby-Spears' Dink the Little Dinosaur.

Dink led off CBS' Saturday morning lineup during its 2 year run (1989-91), and added teaching segments for kids in season 2, which might've contributed to the series' cancellation, given the seeming apathy toward educational segments embedded in Saturday shows at this point. After 5 days of moral lessons, kids just didn't want to be subjected to a 6th.

Regrettably, the series is not yet available on DVD, though at the rate WB is going in digging shows out of the archives, maybe it'll be out soon. I also regret that I never saw the show, so I can't rate it, but I'll leave you with the open.

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