Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Daytime Heroes: The Centurions (1986)

The Centurions started as a 5-part miniseries, then graduated into a full-fledged daily series in short order. Based on a toy line, which was a trend du jour back then, Centurions captured the imagination of many a fan, but, sadly, not enough to warrant a second season.

What I wanted to do was post the show open, with narration by Bill Woodson (ex-Super Friends), but those clips' embedding codes have been disabled. Instead, let's check out this sample clip, posted by ToonBarn to YouTube:

The series was last seen on Boomerang, but now languishes in the vaults as the current administration no longer feels comfortable with a lot of 80's cartoons. Their loss, as usual.

Need I also add that the creative personnel on the show included some comics heavyweights in Gil Kane, Jack Kirby, and Doug Wildey? Oh, of course I should. I just did.

Rating: B.


magicdog said...

Didn't know this series had such an esteemed pedigree.

It's actually an interesting premise, although in some ways the Sky Vault concept was somewhat similar to Brother Eye in OMAC. Of course Brother Eye had nothing on Crystal & Lucy!

hobbyfan said...

Well, Kirby did create OMAC & Brother Eye, so it can be said he may have had a hand in creating the Centurions as well, as one of his last contributions to animation......